Friday, 2 January 2015

Yoga > Why I Enjoy Kate Potter's Namaste Yoga

Kate Potter's Namaste Yoga series is an absolute favourite of mine!

Since I have a home practice, I am always looking out for ways to add variety to my yoga sequences to make it fun and more effective by way of working different muscle groups. And Namaste Yoga is my go to practice for just these reasons. 

A few highlights of the Namaste Yoga series:
  • Balanced Yoga Sequences: Each episode is for around 22 minutes. It is split into a warm up sequence of about 5 minutes, the main vinyasa for 10-12 minutes and the cooling down sequence for about 5 minutes. This split up ensures that each episode offers a complete yoga session. Whenever I have more time to practice, I like to do two main vinyasas. 
  • Soothing Voiceover: If you haven't done vinyasas before, and even if you have, one needs very clear instructions to move gracefully from one asana to the next. The articulate instructions in a soothing voice is what got me hooked to Namaste Yoga in the first place. 
  • Appropriate Music: Music has always been an integral part of my personal yoga practice. The right kind of music can make a huge difference - from energising you to give the sequence a dance-like quality or have a calming effect whenever required. The Namaste Yoga music beautifully complements the sequences. 
  • Fantastic Visuals: The highly inspiring visuals, of typically three female practitioners, flowing with ease and grace from one asana to another makes me want to take out my mat on the laziest of days. Although some vinyasas are very challenging, the ease with which they are executed makes one aspire for the strength and flexibility that is required to perform them.  
  • Varied Levels of Difficulty: I love the fact that between the two seasons of Namaste Yoga (also available on DVD), with 13 episodes each, you get a great mix of sequences from beginner levels to intermediate and challenging. I love choosing an appropriate level depending on my mood and level of fitness and flexibility.  
So if you're looking for a good video to complement your home practice, I would highly recommend Namaste Yoga. In my experience, I feel that the sequences are balanced so well that even if they are strenuous, they leave you relaxed. They have certainly been designed by a master who is deeply rooted in tradition and understands the philosophy of yoga yet presents them with a contemporary appeal.