Saturday, 6 December 2014

Yoga > Keep It Simple

For years, I have loved my yoga routine that involved rolling out my yoga mat, switching on music that's soothing yet energising and creating the perfect ambience. It added immensely to my practice, I felt. So much so, that I rarely ever travelled without my yoga mat. How could I do yoga without the slender strip of sanctity that was steeped with the energy of my yoga practice! There were times when I either didn't have my mat, or didn't have the time to enjoy my practice leisurely, and I simply wouldn't do yoga.

While I still enjoy good music during my practice, and treasure my mat, in the last couple of months there's been a shift in my attitude. My mat is there because of my practice and not the other way round! I realised that for many years I was not only highly attached but also dependent on the paraphernalia around my practice.

So for the last couple of months I have been practising on the rug in my room. And it is strangely liberating! I don't NEED the perfect ambience to practice yoga. A clean, comfortable setting where I can practice my asanas is all that's required.

Keeping it simple means that even when I am rushing, I always have time to squeeze in a few asanas. And that's enough to help me with my resolve of practising yoga everyday for the rest of my life.